101 Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can and should be apply to your music business here at 10 steps to better market you music online. 1.Know Your Strategic Goes-make S.M.A.R.T goals. 2.Make Your Content Informative- Inform your public about your service. 3.Make it Attractive- Have a well design website. 4.Be Interactive- Your website is connected. 5.Be user Friendly- Make […]

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How to Increase Your Sales

  1.Create Your Own Website This is quite obvious but you should have your own website so that your fans can purchase your music directly from you. Many new artists overlook the potential of a website and go directly to digital stores such as Itunes. The great thing about selling directly to your fans is […]

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Creating A Social Media Community

Do you want to create an active social media community that loves your content shares it and keeps coming back for more? It is surprising  simple but it does that hard work and repetition. These 3 Steps are meant to help you achieve and maintain an active social media community. 1-Plan Building your community takes planning. […]

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Online Marketing Tools

These online marketing tools are meant to help you music to reach and engage your audience. These tools are all free and are able to improve your chances of succeeding in the music business. 1-Mailing List: An mailing list is a way to keep your audience inform of any sort of content you are put […]

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