Creating A Social Media Community

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Do you want to create an active social media community that loves your content shares it and keeps coming back for more?

It is surprising  simple but it does that hard work and repetition. These 3 Steps are meant to help you achieve and maintain an active social media community.


Building your community takes planning. A pre-requisite to an effective plan is an efficient use of your time. To maximize your time spent on social media you must identify your target market, understand their needs and know how and when to meet them.


Through tracking one can learn  many things about their community, tracking is also a way to maximize your resources. Some key point to track are:

  • Keep track of what time during the day attracts the most attraction from potential consumers.
  • Pinpoint specific keywords that work in engaging consumers (hash tags for Twitter).
  • Learn to get rid of any spam accounts that are being followed by your accounts.
  • Analyze what competitors are doing on their social media accounts.
  • Keep track of messages sent to your account and leave none unanswered.

3-Make Use of Automated Tools

Automated tools can be very useful to maintain your content constant. This is very important when wanting to achieve a community. That’s due to the fact that followers need constant content to stay interested and engaged. Some of the most commonly used automated tools are:

  • Buffer
  • DoShare
  • Postling
  • Sendible
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social




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