How Has The Internet Changed The Music Business ?

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The invention of the World Wide Web  has changed the world in many ways, and the music business is no different.Before music used to be sold and shared via CD’s,cassettes,radios or really back in the day by vinyl. The invention of the internet changed that.

With the ability to share files, music became a commodity anyone with an internet access is able to get their hands on now days. This changed the game record label saw an increase in pirated version of their product. With little to no control of the ability to duplicate their songs.This lead to decrease earnings and an overall discouragement to artists.

Now days the way the industry has found to make money, is streaming services such as Spotify. Which provides the newest songs and albums, without the user having to download any of their music into their devices saving them space in their devices. Another very good strategy used by Spotify is that their services are a subscription based making it affordable to all.

In conclusion the internet has changed the way music is sold as a product, forcing a well establish industry to change and adapt so that it could survive.






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