4 Ways To Better Promote Your Music Online

So you have created your own music GREAT! Now lets get it out there!

These four easy steps are meant to help you to promote your music and get you started on your path to success.

1-Business Mind

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So I know this is not the most crystal clear concept, but what do I mean by that is that you as musician need to spot trying to acquire fan by fan, and should start focusing on event organizers,radio stations, and websites that cover your genre of music.

This is due to the fact that this organizations have already a large audience and within that audience there are people who will fit in your ideal fan base.

2-Regular Content

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With so many new artist pooping up every minute competition is fierce. Someone might hear your music and like it, but if you do not keep feeding them content they will wonder off you audience.

So the big tip is to always keep your audience entertain.Some examples of content you should be posting on the regular basis are:

  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Blogs about your music carrer
  • Blogs about your genre of music
  • Share thoughts (social media)


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This might seen obvious but Gig get your name out there.But do not forget to get Gigs that will be beneficial to you.

Some examples of Gigs that will most likely generate news fan are:

  • Opening for a band with similar genre
  • Broadcast-ed Gigs
  • Large advertisement budged Gigs

4-Be Human

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Remember your audience wants to relate to you and your content. So don’t get work up on the moment and forget to be personal when posting content.

This is due to the fact music is already a very personal thing and your fans will be there for much more than just the songs they will follow your for the person that you appear to be and your values.





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